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 Welcome to Global Mushrooms

5781 Eastside Rd.  Redding, CA 96001 Tel: 530-921-9822

Common name varieties

Black trumpet

King Bolete (Porcini)
Yellow Foot
Matsutake (Pine Mushroom)
Lobster Mushroom
Others: Please inquire





Mushroom prices and availability vary significantly throughout the season.  Please contact us for the most current updates.

 /demo/Morelbasket500x380.jpg                     /demo/HedeHog501x359.jpg
 Morel basket                                             Hedgehog    
Chantrelle                          Morel                            Truffle
/demo/KingBolete500x800.jpg                          /demo/Blacktrumpet543x376.jpg
King bolete (Porcini)                      Black Trumpet
/demo/Lobster500x380.jpg      /demo/Yellowfoot500x344.jpg
Lobster Mushroom                           Yellowfoot

Global mushrooms is a produce dealer sourcing wild picked
mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest region of the United Sates.
The owner of global mushroom have been a mushroom
picker for over ten years before establishing Global Mushrooms as
a produce dealer in 2001.  Jack Vong have a combined experience
of over twenty years in the industry.


Global Mushrooms
Jack Vong.
5781 Eastside Rd.
Redding CA 96001
Tel: 530-921-9822


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